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About Us

About Us

When I am on vacation I want to be pampered!

I work all the time, and I dream of getting away to a special place where I can relax and enjoy my family. 


My husband and I found this resort in 2018. We fell in love with the space and became members. The price for membership is so affordable and the rooms are beautifully decorated. I am pampered with a fully stocked bar,  snacks, and room service! 


My favorite things about a vacation here are: 

1. Setting aside the internet and phone although they are available when I needed.  

2. Not needing to cook.

3. No Cleaning. The rooms are cleaned and stocked every day with fresh towels, coffee, soda & tea.

4. Relaxing by the pool or beach in a hammock.


The weather in the Rivière Maya, Mexico has always been beautiful when we have visited. I love the glorious sunsets every night! 


The entertainment is wonderful and the food is amazing! 

There are coffee shops, restaurants, bars and even a disco area to go dancing in the evenings.


There are plenty of fun things to do on the resort campus such as bike riding, tour the resort, watch dolphin shows, archery, a shopping area where you can buy from the locals and a lazy river. 


There is a shuttle into town where you can go shopping. Or you can take a guided tour to see the Mayan ruins, go zip lining, 4 wheeling, visit cenotes, whale watching, the list goes on.


I've never felt so pampered or adventurous on vacation that I do with my membership! Plus the price for the vacation is so affordable that I get to take vacations often! 


I'm happy to help you treat yourself to a luxury vacation where you are pampered! 

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